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"Friday Night Lights"

By admin Published: November 30, 2007


I don't want to talk about it. ...

Caption for the picture above: If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right. But loving you is still wrong. Wrong for the show. Wrong for the characters. Way wrong. Way past the song lyric wrong. ....

Even as "Friday Night Lights" is finally trying to reassemble itself -- getting Riggins back on the team, putting an end to the Landry murder storyline (well, in one more week, as interminable as it has already been) -- it stumbles. Smash's recruiting trip was like something out of a bad teen movie; I was so annoyed when Big Mean Dude was after Smash that I would have been more satisfied if it had proven to be a prank, Smash fleeing outside into a crowd of laughing players.

But that's somewhat minor considering the show is falling into another terrible trap, the adolescent-male fantasy of Saracen and the care-giver. And no matter how deftly it will end up presenting the emotional consequences of that connection, it makes me feel terrible, as I discussed in somewhat more detail in my post after the previous episode.

But it's not the only thing going wrong.

I had expected Tami to go maternal on Creepy Teacher in the last episode, so I was somewhat relieved to see her get to it this week. But not so relieved that she was made to feel guilty for doing so. Yes, she lost her temper when Creepy T was obnoxious to her, but her instincts as a mother and an administrator were dead on. But in making her feel guilty, the show sets the stage for Julie and Creepy T to interact more, without Tami's intercession; if it goes that way, it will be unfortunate.

More unfortunate because there are still so many things to freakin' love about the show. Riggins mano a mano apologies, where he doesn't even know the name of a teammate but he can still find a way to apologize. And is still swaggering enough to tell a rookie to get out of his place in line. Coach's jealousy, and his admission of the same. The pain on Landry's face. But it's not enough these days. Not nearly enough.

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