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"Friday Night Lights," and the Evils of Promos

By admin Published: November 9, 2007

I have some friends who will not watch the promos for upcoming episodes of their favorite shows. I don't blame them a bit ...

Couple of recent examples: "30 Rock" and tonight's "FNL." One of the best things in "30 Rock," as I said, was Al Gore's parting line. So, of course, NBC could not let it just happen, instead putting it in the promo and wrecking the fun. Tonight, "Friday Night Lights" obviously wanted to create some suspense when Landry's father told Landry they had to go for a drive. But in last week's promo, there was a shot of a burning station wagon that let us know where that plot line was going well before we got there.

That aside, an episode with a lot to recommend it. The car burning appears to resolve, at last, the killing storyline. Here's the problem, though: A show this good makes us expect that the characters feel the consequences of their actions, so just as Landry experienced pain over the killing (even if that pain didn't last long), his father should feel something for obstructing the law. But that would drag out even longer a storyline we are best done with.

On to the good stuff, then: Tami and Coach talking with and around and over each other at the beginning of the episode. Saracen not immediately taking Julie back -- even going with a woman who is by far Julie's inferior (think of Saracen's look during the knife/shiv/shank dialogue) but who is important him because she so isn't Julie. Not that I expect that to go well. Buddy and Coach. Riggins and the new guy. Street's ache as he tries to figure out his next move and believes it isn't football -- when Coach, for one, believes that football is redemptive for some people, including Street. (I know, he didn't say that. But does Kyle Chandler ever need to say much to convey a lot?) Dinner at Smash's. Riggins, his brother and Tami. Coach on whether Riggins is back on the team. The soccer coach's arrival. (Yes, we knew something like that was coming, but it was still so very well done.)

In other words, a pretty doggone good episode. The stuff with Tami and her sister was a bit trite, but I'm still feeling the show is back on game.

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