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"Friday Night Lights": Ready To Talk?

By admin Published: October 6, 2007

I spent much of last night watching Indians-Yankees. But, as you know, I saw the season premiere of "Friday Night Lights" quite some time ago. And I have been waiting for all of you to see it, so we can discuss one of the plot elements. Discussion begins after the jump ...

So here's the thing that worried me: Landry killing the man who attacked Tyra. For starters, the killing was an enormous act for a show that has far more often focused on close-up, personal dramas. Beyond that, though, because this is "Friday Night Lights," I would have expected Landry to call the law immediately. He's that kind of guy, and no amount of pleading from Tyra would have deterred him. Or, it might have delayed his making the call, but it would not have led him to the disposal of the body. It's all melodrama, and out of keeping with the show.

Having seen the next couple of episodes, I will tell you that the killing does not go away. It has an impact on the characters. But I have reservations about the specifics of that impact, which we can talk about as the show goes along. And it hangs over the show like a big, ugly shadow, and makes me wonder how else things might go wrong down the line.

As I've said before, this is even more agonizing because so much of "FNL" is still excellent. But enough about me. What do you other viewers think?

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