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Friday Notebook

By admin Published: February 8, 2008

Bits of this and that ...

-- You may have seen the report of Randy Quaid's bad behavior. Considering all the stories told over the years about stars acting up, I've wondered how far someone would have to go to be punished. I guess we now have some idea of how far that is. And it's pretty freakin' far.

-- Is Bruno ruining his team on "Dance War"? He is taking a beating from Carrie Ann's team, and my bride -- a "Dance War" devotee -- wonders if it's fan backlash. Bruno, she observes, is much nastier about the dancers than Carrie Ann is, and viewers may not like it.

Anne Dudek

-- I tried to get through the post-Super Bowl episode of "House," but it was kind of a snore. (And I did.) Interesting stunt -- diagnosis by long distance -- but not one that kept my interest. Tuesday's episode was better, not only because it brought the show back to one of its favorite themes -- challenging House's cynicism with displays of strong faith -- but because of Wilson's romance with Amber. She was a bracing presence when in contention for House's team, and she looks even more entertaining now; loved her declaration that she could call House by his first name because they are now social equals.

-- A&E has set the date for a new season of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels." Here's some of the announcement:

Legendary rock star Gene Simmons and his unconventional family are back and better than ever for an all-new season of A&E’s hit Real-Life series Gene Simmons Family Jewels, premiering with back-to-back episodes on Tuesday, March 11th at 10:00 PM ET/PT. The 24 episode season kicks off with Gene preparing for the ultimate challenge – a lie detector test to determine if he has been faithful to Shannon Tweed, his “Happily UNmarried” companion of 24 years and the mother of his two children, Nick and Sophie.

A true test for the legendary ladies man, Gene will have to answer questions put forth by Shannon, as fans will find out if the 4,800 women Gene purports to have been with all occurred before 1983 – the year he and Shannon’s relationship began. In addition to revealing the truth behind the rock star’s storied sex life, the new season will feature a Gene Simmons Roast in which Gene gets verbally assaulted by friends and today’s hottest comedians, the first ever KISS concert where the band performs as a trio, behind the scenes with Gene on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, Gene and Shannon’s official “Happily UNmarried” honeymoon in Hawaii, Nick and Sophie abroad in Mexico and much, much more.

Not sure what the big deal is supposed to be about Simmons's fidelity. In her memoirs, Tweed drew a distinction between "emotional cheating and sexual cheating," indicating the latter was OK as long as it did not also include the former.

-- Malcolm X Abram and I have completed our fourth "American Idol" video podcast, wrapping up the auditions. I expect to post a link later today.

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