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Friday Notebook

By admin Published: August 22, 2008

Because of some personal adventures, I have not posted today. I hope to back in business this weekend, including with some new "Beverly Hills, 90210" discussion. Since the next episode involves the Brenda-Dylan romance, I can't stop yet.

Have also been pondering an issue that will matter mainly to people who remember vinyl records. (I still have mine.) That is, how did the rise of the single-sided DVD change the creative impulses in play with the two-sided record (and, for that matter, with the two-sided cassette)?

Is it better that the CD allows a single-side experience, since it's longer, or was there something to be said for the breaking up of music into two sides? Does "Sgt. Pepper's," for one, work better as a seamless CD piece? Then there's Rod Stewart's "Atlantic Crossing," which as an LP was designed to have a fast side and a slow side, and marked accordingly. The CD renames the song list as the fast half and slow half -- but it's not the same as having that break when you have to physically change the record from one side to the other.

I was going to talk about this later, but it now appears that I already have. But I may add more -- and feel free to chime in -- about albums that work better as records than as CDs and vice versa.


On another note, I'm late to realize that the actor Julius J. Carry has died. Obits seem to be focusing on his playing the Shogun of Harlem in "The Last Dragon" but the guy had an enormous resume. And merits notice here for playing Lord Bowler on "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr."

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