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Friday Notebook

By admin Published: October 16, 2009

(Just realized I never changed this from draft status to publishing. Erps. Here it is now.) Another video of me and Lynne Sherwin talking "Dancing With the Stars" is here. After the jump, thoughts re Thursday's "The Office," "Community" and "CSI."

"The Office" made me snort with laughter, starting with the idea of an "upper decker." (As a friend of mine said, "I'm not saying I've never left one. But never intentionally.") While the premise wasn't hugely interesting, it kept having these silly/squirmy "Office" moments that amused, like Andy with the tire wrench or Oscar's call to Jim, or all the things Kevin did in Jim's office.

"Community," as I have mentioned elsewhere, completed the odd-sitcom-song trifecta of the week with what we heard of the new Greendale Community College song being added to "In the Moonlight" on "Modern Family" and "It Was the Best Night Ever" on "How I Met Your Mother." And the hearing by the pool was painfully funny -- a worthy college-trial successor to "I'm not going to stand here while you put down the United States of America!" "Glee" is still my favorite new show, but it has had some awkward spots lately, so the race is tight with "Modern Family" and "Community."

"CSI" not only had an interesting case, it worked well with the idea of racial perceptions, and did so without a lot of obvious taking of sides or dividing the characters along racial lines. (That was "Glee.") Instead, the characters had a job to do, and did it, and race become a point to consider when it directly affected the case. Unsettling, especially at the end, and that may just fuel some viewers' sense that this isn't the old "CSI." But it was smart television. On the other hand, some of the scenes involving dead bodies seemed gross even by "CSI" standards.

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