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Friday Notebook

By admin Published: November 6, 2009

A few thoughts on "Community," "Parks and Recreation," "The Office," "30 Rock." But if women are on a scale from Cleopatra to Eleanor Roosevelt, what's the comparable men-dex?

Also, I have recently been getting some additional info about the readership for this blog. So, besides my friends in the US and Canada, hello to all of you in Australia, Italy, Norway, the UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain!

I have been noting increased amusement with "Parks and Recreation" this season, but last night's episode was a breakthrough -- not just funny but unapologetically insanely funny. While some of that could be credited to Megan Mullally (and this makes me feel more optimistic about her joining "Party Down"), the fun extended beyond her. The whole business with the shoeshine stand was nearly as nutty (all right, so it didn't top the diner scene), and quite funny, too. I look forward to more of the same.

But I never would have given up a bikini pic of Rashida Jones.

"30 Rock," which hasn't been great of late, rebounded last night -- and helped make it Brian Williams night on NBC. (He was referred to on "Community.") Nice to see Dot Com get some air time (and backstory), and I laughed really hard at all the Cathy Geist stuff, both the pre-audition tackle and the Susan Boyle bit. The Jack's-bedbugs story wasn't as strong, at least at first, except for the nicknames -- but it was all right once it became key to the audition story.

"The Office" had some very good parts, but tried to do too much in too short a time. The Andy-Dwight duel didn't pay off very well. The Michael-Pam-Jim-Helene stuff had its delights, including the scrapbook with the Shel Silverstein rip, but I would have preferred it ending either with Michael not dumping Helene, or with the episode ending on the dump. The punching part of the story felt much flatter than what had gone before. The show felt as if there had been many, many rewrites and rejected endings.

By the way, according to IMDB, Linda Purl is only 54. At least, for me "54" can be preceded by "only." And you can read more about Purl's life these days -- which is pretty interesting -- here.

Much as I have admired "Community," this week was not one of their best. I wondered if there was too much Abed, but that can't be it. More that the songs were simply lame instead of funny-lame. And the unrequited-love story just stumbled along. Hoping for better next week.

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