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Friday Notebook

By admin Published: December 9, 2011

This and that:

Recommended: "Appropriate Adult" on Sundance on Saturday night. Dominic West and Emily Watson star in this drama based on a real-life serial killer played with horrifying skill by "The Wire's" West. Watson is an "appropriate adult" assigned to cases where the accused is believed to be limited mentally; she begins to focus more and more on getting the killer to confess all his crimes. But nothing in this case proves simple. Harrowing but constantly watchable. Should also appeal to fans of the "Red Riding" films. You can read more about the case and the controversy around the film here. But you may want to wait until after seeing the film to read about it, since some info may be a spoiler for the movie itself.

Also recommended: Stephen Colbert's take on Rick Perry's gay-bashing, comparing-apples-and-oranges ad:

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Rick Perry's Pro-Christmas Ad
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Because the Browns were playing the Steelers on our local Fox affiliate last night, I was late getting a look at the results. Thoughts: Rachel Crow did not deserve to win, since she is an increasingly screechy singer and a robo-kid in her non-singing behavior. But Marcus Canty should have gone home, too; he has deservedly been low in viewers' estimation for weeks now.

(That said, I also don't understand the ongoing appeal of the not-really-singing Chris Rene, and dislike Melanie Amaro's increasing this-is-about-me attitude, leaving Josh Krajcik as the only moderately deserving, sane contestant in the competition. But I digress.)

But my main ire is reserved for Nicole Scherzinger who continued a tendency by the judges on this show to refuse to judge. Paula was hysterical one week when she had to choose, and Simon punted one decision to the viewer vote. It's bad enough that the judges have a vested interest in specific contestants, that for example there is now way that L.A. was going to boot Marcus because he has been mentoring Marcus; it's even worse that they will avoid any expression of opinion at all. (Paula on the performance show was gushing about every single performance, even if the gush included babble like the declaration that adjectives can't describe Josh's brilliance. Really? Adjectives are so inadequate?

And now I have talked far more about this than is merited. But the show brings out the rant in me. And I haven't even revisited the horrifying production values.

On another note: I took Albert Pujols' estimated annual salary under his new contract and divided it by 10. (Note: We are talking about just ONE year's salary here.) Then I took that number and divided it by 10. Then I took that and cut it in half. So we're at 1/200th of Pujol's annual salary -- and it's still way more than I will ever make in a year.

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