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Friday Notebook (Continued): "My Name Is Earl"

By admin Published: May 16, 2008


Considering what "The Office" did last night, and what "30 Rock" did a week ago, I didn't expect "My Name Is Earl" to match those comedic highs. But it still offered a very respectable hour, even if it contained a basic disappointment. ...

The disappointment was the resolving of Earl's marriage to Billie, and her being written out of the show. As I said in my last "Earl" post, I liked what they were doing with the Earl-Billie relationship, and its harsh contrast to the fantasy world Earl dreamed up in his coma. And Alyssa Milano was a good addition to the cast. So it would have been fun to see them keep her around a little longer, and maybe even stretch out the consequences of someone undoing all of Earl's good deeds.

That said, I enjoyed the episode for the most part, especially the way Randy was allowed some karma benefit. Not sure if that will carry over to the next season; doesn't Randy's girlfriend also make the crowd three? Still, I like the way the show has created an entire Earl-connected community from which people do not disappear; it's almost as if Earl has a more mobile Cicely or Stars Hollow, and the show has a constant source of stories. I still think the coma episodes were a mistake, but "Earl" recovered nicely to wrap up the season.

Although I hope Mr. Turtle will get a new patch of grass....

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