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Friday Notebook: "The Office," "Grey's Anatomy"

By admin Published: May 16, 2008

the office
Come on. Admit it. Just looking at this picture is making you laugh again ...

Great, great, great episode of "The Office." Am dying to see more of the fabulous Amy Ryan as Holly, the new HR rep. In addition to the whole Kevin confusion (and how long can they keep that going?), there's her Michael side. And how it's going to be for Michael to work with someone who is so clearly his soul mate while also trying to be part of Jan's pregnancy.

Beyond Holly, too, there's the Dwight/Angela/Andy situation (and of course you all stayed for the very last shot). And Pam and Jim, of course.

Phyllis triumphant.

"Goodbye Stranger."

"Did you go near my Propecia?"

Andy yanking away Daryl's keyboard.

The raccoon.

The Jim/Dwight phone bit at the beginning.

Ryan's arrest. All right, we knew something bad was going to happen to Ryan, and that this sets up the possibility of Jim taking the corporate job if Pam decides not to come back after Pratt, and -- oh, stop! I'm making myself crazy just thinking about the long wait until next season.

But what a great way to wrap up this one.

"Grey's Anatomy" nicely demonstrated that last week's episode wasn't a fluke. It seems to have really found its voice again. Good mix of humor and drama. Nice character flourishes with Cristina, Meredith, Callie, George, the Chief, Hahn, Sloan. I'm still not a Lexie fan but I'm getting used to her. I just hope that next week's show doesn't try too hard for the Big Statement.

One more note re "Grey's": Anyone else get spoiled by watching the opening credits? When I saw Jeffrey D. Sams's name, but he wasn't in the early part of the episode, I knew that he would show up as the "imaginary" boyfriend.

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