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By admin Published: September 21, 2007

Here's a link to my review of "Eastern Promises," in case you missed it over at

My review of "The War" will be in Sunday's Beacon Journal. I had some issues -- and think Ken Burns mishandled the Latino question -- but kept watching. We'll talk more about it.

TV Tattle has a link to an item about Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb that will probably boost sales of "The Brady Bunch" DVDs. And that may inspire new line readings of "Marcia Marcia Marcia."

Brady Bunch
But keep in mind that the item is credited to a source for the National Enquirer.

Also from TV Tattle, this story saying the ratings for "Survivor: China" were the worst yet for a "Survivor" premiere.

I watched the premiere, but will keep my spoiler-containing thoughts for after the jump. ...

I didn't hate it but I wasn't longing for more either. The China location didn't really mean much once the game started going. It's not as if they're in the heart of Peking, after all. Remote locations, rain, iffy shelters -- "Survivor" has done it before.

The now-ousted Chicken overplayed his hand considerably; he could have made his point quickly, then helped people out in a way that would have demonstrated his value to the tribe. That said, I'd still have dropped Ashley first, both because she seems useless and because I don't like her piercings. But I suspect Ashley's relative youth and looks played a role in ousting Chicken, who came across too much like a grumpy uncle to the younger players.

I'll keep watching for a bit, but I suspect "Survivor" may end up back-burnered on the DVD while I catch up with other things.

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