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Friday notes

By Rich Heldenfels Published: April 18, 2014

My look at a local TV-memorabilia collector's last exhibit is here. The vintage TV sets are very cool. the little toy TVs possibly even cooler. And the Bomb Shelter itself is more than worth a visit.

Like many of you I watched the season finale of "Scandal." Oh, there was plot, lots of it. And there was an attempt to wring some emotion out of the audience. But overall, it was no more than OK. We have come to expect spectacular shocks from "Scandal" and none of this rose above the level of surprise. Compare the finale to the shooting of James, and tell me which was more powerful. Consider the show's willingness to kill characters willy-nilly and how it dodged the bullet - or, more precisely, the shrapnel and debris -- in the church bombing. (Anyone else think of Moldavia?)

I sat through most of the episode feeling unendingly suspicious of, well, everyone. I was certain there was another twist to come, whether from Liv's mother or father. And then, there it was, and all I could think was "OK."

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