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Friday Out

By admin Published: October 13, 2007

Many in this part of the world spent last night watching the Indians and Red Sox. Some others probably gave "Friday Night Lights" another chance, so feel free to post your comments on that below.

The bride and I went over to the University of Akron to see younger son in Lanford Wilson's "Hot L Baltimore."

He played Paul, his first role at UA, his transition from high school plays to a college stage. Upping the ante: Marshall W. Mason, who directed the original production of "Hot L Baltimore," was in attendance and spoke for about an hour after the play.

But they could have had a guy making balloon animals after the show and we still would have wanted to be there. Big rite of passage for the young man. Kind of thing that makes parents swell with pride. More than worth missing some TV baseball for. There will be other games.

Speaking of baseball, though, it was odd to see the Indians lose, and lose badly, in the first game. I've been thinking that this season feels a lot like 1995, and more recently had begun to formulate a theory that the Indians are in fact the 2004 Red Sox, right down to the lovable-idiots label (Damon's hair, meet Nixon's pies). And, after years of cheering for the Indians EXCEPT when they played the Red Sox, I had decided that for me this year it was Tribe time. The Red Sox, after all, had buried the curse and the Indians were in a real era of good feelings, most evident when the bride and I had gone to Jacobs Field.

So there I was, with all these happy-feet feelings about the Indians, and they lost. Oh, well. So, any thoughts on "FNL"?

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