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Frosty Freeze, R.I.P.

By admin Published: April 4, 2008

From the Associated Press:

Wayne Frost, a hip-hop pioneer known as "Frosty Freeze" whose acrobatic performance with the legendary Rock Steady Crew in the 1983 hit movie "Flashdance" set off a worldwide breakdancing craze, has died. He was 44.

Complete obit is here.

Tribute video on YouTube:

Interesting that he has passed at a time when dancing of all sorts, including things with break moves, is enjoying a considerable revival. Dance shows abound on the tube. Dance-themed movies pop up frequently, and sometimes even have plots. When the New Kids on the Block announced their reunion, an almost immediate question was whether they could do their dance moves. And breakdancing itself is now a standard form; my Webster's includes a definition (although it still treats breakdancing as two words):

a style of dance engaged in by youths, involving acrobatic movements, spinning about on the head or shoulders, etc.

Interesting, too, that Frosty Freeze's biggest claim to fame involves a movie where the lead actress didn't do all of her own dancing.

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