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Fun With Phones

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 6, 2005

  I do a fair number of interviews by telephone and for that reason am not fond of cells. Yes, a cell phone comes in handy when I am on the road. I remember sitting in a parking lot in Cuyahoga Falls one hot day, talking by cell with Jonathan Prince of ''American Dreams,'' because my schedule and his schedule meant that I had had to stop between a couple of places to catch him at the right time. So there I was, sweat rolling down my back, the cell jammed between shoulder and ear, scribbling on a pad and noticing once again how very fast Prince can talk.

But, as we all know, cells are not always the most reliable of devices. Not long ago, I was talking to Akron's own Angie Everhart about a role, and her cell phone kept cutting out as we talked, creating gaps in some of her answers. We soldiered through, but it wasn't fun.

  Same thing today, when I was talking to Dan Finnerty, leader of the Dan Band, which is Finnerty and two other guys doing songs more commonly associated with women. We were talking because the band is playing at the House of Blues on July 28 as part of the Scene Magazine Music Awards. And, because I had seen and written about a Bravo special with the group, I was designated to do the interview.

   That was fine. I liked the special, and Finnerty is a pretty funny guy. But since he was in Dallas to start the band's tour, I had a cell number to call. Our conversation was a little disjointed at first because Finnerty was standing in the hall of his hotel -- a hall he said ''looks like the one in 'The Shining' '' -- and he was having trouble getting his room key to work. Finally, he got into the room, and the conversation was going along, until Finnerty vanished in mid-sentence.

  After my repeatedly saying ''Hello?'' and the eventual sound of a dial tone, I called Finnerty back and we finished the interview. And I got him to complete that sentence he had started. But I'm still wondering if I missed something good; Finnerty said he kept talking for quite awhile before he realized I wasn't on the phone.

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