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By admin Published: December 9, 2008

I had a reason not to be paying attention to the early break of the Leno news (discussed above): Monday night sitcoms, routers, Slingboxes and Facebook. See after the jump ...

Monday evening, I half-watched "HIMYM" and "Two and a Half Men," and found them moderately gigglesome while not getting my complete attention. Also "Big Bang Theory," as a check-in to a show that I don't watch much but which keeps staying on the air. While I am happy to see Sara Rue back on TV, the show still doesn't do it for me. And I actually watched most of it without multitasking.

As for the multitasks, I spent some time hooking up a new router, which was relatively easy except for the crawling under my desk. Nice to have it in place, and this time I stored the password in three different places around the house. Then I was wrestling with my Slingbox, since I had inadvertently disconnected part of it while hooking up the router. Eventually figured that out.

Then, heaven help me, I started working on my Facebook page.

The bride, who works at a local college, had gotten on Facebook quite some time ago, and even talked me into signing up. Last March. Which was also the last time I had actually gone onto Facebook. I know, it has been around for years, and it is often in the news. But it just didn't seem to be something I needed to get involved with.

I think the main thing that changed was my taking a college class recently and looking at a survey of students' favorite Web sites. Facebook was pervasive. Since I am supposed to keep an eye on what people of all ages are doing in pop culture, Facebook seems to demand more exploration.

Also, it looks like fun.

Not sure about time management, considering the other things I'm doing and plan to do. Wouldn't want to fall into another pit of online play. But I'm going to at least try to fill in all the appropriate blanks and see what happens. And if you want to see how that's going, look for Rich Heldenfels (not Richard) on Facebook.

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