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Game Goes On

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

''Believe me, this is a Pittsburgh Steelers crowd,'' says Madden. Not exactly a 12th Man, though, given the way the team is moving backward -- salvaging just enough to get a fourth-and-9 for punting.

Kathy Griffin, Jim Gaffigan and that guy from ''Ed'' in a Sierra Mist commercial. Kathy always makes me laugh.

Secret revolving Bud Light wall. All right, a little funny.

Oh, Bruce Willis has remade ''Die Hard 3.'' No, wait, It's called ''16 Blocks.'' I am sure it is COMPLETELY different.

If somebody doesn't score soon, I'm going to start wondering what's on TCM. Hmmm. ''Topper'' with Cary Grant. I'll stay with the game a little longer. But my younger son is upstairs watching ''Wedding Crashers.'' Lucky kid.

I've never been a fan of defensive battles. Not enough scoring. Too many shots of guys lamenting failed interceptions,

Oh, the hybrid ad. I read about this online. Of historical note (bilingual) but not engrossing. Like the prehistoric FedEx ad. Odd to see it followed by the chasing-bear Bud Light spot, though. Are menacing animals the substitute for the fart jokes of past years?

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