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Garcetti Bites

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 18, 2005

Former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti seems happy to be out of his old line of work. He's been busy as a photographer, declines comment on current legal cases and is a consultant to the drama ''The Closer.''

But because he was such a high-profile law enforcer, he stil gets asked what he thinks of crime shows on TV. And he answers, not kindly. ''Everyone was talking about how great 'Law & Order' was,'' he recalled during a ''Closer'' press conference. ''I watched about 20 minutes of one. I said, 'This is ridiculous.' ''

Apparently he spoke before thinking things through.

''The shrink wasn't in that episode, right?'' said ''Closer'' co-star J.K. Simmons. He had a recurring role as a shrink on ''L&O.''

''Those are not the episodes currently replaying on TNT,'' added ''Closer'' executive producer James Duff. ''The Closer,'' like ''Law & Order'' reruns, airs on TNT.

But Garcetti once again said, "I watched some of it and said, 'This is crazy.' ... I got to tell you, I still don't watch 'Law & Order,' not even the reruns of it.''

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