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''Gilmore Girls''

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 14, 2006

I had hopes for tonight's ''Gilmore Girls,'' hopes that the show would take advantage of its Valentine's Day tie-in to have Luke get back on track toward marrying Lorelai. And there were promises made, and ideas bounced around. But at the end of the episode, there we were again, with Luke and Lorelai not quite connected, and April a huge question mark between them.

In fact, for a show that has projected at least an air of optimism over the years, this episode proved a pretty big downer, as if Luke's skepticism about Valentine's Day was allowed to reign. If we accept Valentine's Day as something of an illusion, a day where we put aside real-world concerns for a bit of romance as we imagine it, then the show carried that idea another step -- to say that the romantic ideal of ''Gilmore'' is also an illusion for viewers, because the characters have to function in a real world where a tyrannical father, say, can spoil a moment.

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