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''Gilmore Girls'': It Will Be All Right, I Think

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 10, 2006

''Gilmore Girls'' doesn't start its new season until Sept. 26 (on the new CW network) but I had to go ahead and check out the review copy that arrived recently. After all, there is a lot of curiosity among fans about how the show will fare since the departure of creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. And she left the show in a bit of a box with her last episode, which found Lorelai and Luke breaking up, and then Lorelai rushing into the arms (and bed) of her ex, Christopher. Then there was the whole issue of Rory and Logan, and as subtext the whole issue of Alexis Bledel's limited range as an actress.

So where am I after watching the premiere? Kind of on the fence (and avoiding any big plot revelations). Parts were reassuringly glib (although the dialogue as a whole felt slower than in its most frenetic Sherman-Palladino moments). There were moments when I thought the Lauren Graham should use this episode to finally get that Emmy nomination. The pop-culture references were there, perhaps not as obscure as the show used to get, but still laced through it -- and there's a biggie involving Rory and Logan. It continued the troubles from last season in a more or less plausible way. And there were good scenes for Babette and Sookie and Michel.

Still, the premiere is such a bummer. The gloom that hung over last season has not abated as the new one begins. Even though that's a function of the plotlines left over from last season, it's still hard to take. Nor has Bledel's acting improved during the hiatus. Although It wasn't so bad that I have vowed never to watch again, neither was it so good that I rejoiced when it was over. This jury of one is still out.

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