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"Gilmore" Gone

By admin Published: May 3, 2007

The CW confirms that the May 15 episode of "Gilmore Girls" will be the last. While I recognize the flaws in the show the last couple of years, I am still bummed. More later.

OK, here's a little more. I've been thinking that, now that it's done, the Emmys can finally show some love for this show, which has been unjustly overlooked for years. Give it one of those career-achievement-ish awards that are really for the body of work even though it's assigned to this year.

Or just give Lauren Graham an Emmy because she has deserved it for so long and because she so tore it up in the karaoke scene in Tuesday's telecast.

My all-time favorite Lauren Graham moment has been in "Bad Santa," and that notion was briefly shaken as I watched the karaoke scene. But my love for "Bad Santa" is less about Graham's acting as it the thought that Oh my gosh, I can't believe Lorelai Gilmore is saying that stuff.

Karaoke gets marks as the top Lauren "Gilmore" moment, although even then I want to be clear that it's a summation of how often she has been very, very good on the show. (For some reason, the scene where Lorelai goes tough-maternal on Rory's friends always comes to mind, because it was a departure from Lorelai's usual behavior but completely consistent with her as a character.) It said to viewers, and it should say to awards voters, that this woman can run through a sequence of challenging emotions and hit every one of them just right -- make you smile and laugh and ache and cry.

Yeah, I choked up. Maybe because I know that the show's going away and there won't be more scenes like karaoke. But also because it was oh so good.

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