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''Gilmore,'' Grammys

By RD Heldenfels Published: February 8, 2006

Still pondering last night's ''Gilmore Girls.'' Good in some ways, lots of snap in the dialogue and the handling of Paris's ouster from the newspaper was pretty good (although, once again, I look at Alexis Bledel and think how much more another actress could do with this material). Of course, we've all been waiting for Rory to succeed Paris -- I would have been more intrigued by Logan becoming editor (since his connections saved the day) or a Logan/Rory tandem -- but I'm hoping the show will make something of that added responsibility.

Not sure about the dinner scene, though. It felt like an undervaluing of Emily. Yes, the Emily-Richard warnings to Luke and Lorelai were funny. Still, we should never forget how very smart Emily is about relationships -- that she had Luke's love of Lorelai pegged long before he had even admitted it to himself -- and she would have sensed something was up. And when Emily figures out something, she doesn't as a rule keep it to herself. So as much as I laughed at the dinner scene, I wanted it to be better.

I don't know how much of the Grammys I will watch in real time. I know I'll miss at least an hour, when ''Lost'' is on, and possibly the hour of ''American Idol'' -- letting the DVR do the work on the Grammys. Still, I have a couple of sentimental favorites. I'd like to see Kanye West win something, not just for his artistry but because of his comments at the Katrina telethon. I'd give him an award just for what he said. But his saying it has officially made him a guy who could do anything at any time -- so who knows what rhetoric might spring from a Grammy win?

The other one on my list is Kelly Clarkson. Her winning a Grammy would provide some validation for ''American Idol'' as more than a dramatic TV show about music. I know, we watch a lot of the time because of the drama, and there are plenty of great singers who haven't won (just as there has been great musical work that didn't win Grammys, and bad music that did).

Still, it would be nice to think that ''Idol'' winners have a chance at a real career after the show. Beyond that, though, Clarkson is a terrific singer. Her ''The Trouble With Love Is'' will be stuck in my head forever -- or at least as long as I keep re-watching ''Love Actually.'' (I know, it's from the first album. I'm still stuck on it.) She is also an appealing personality and, by many accounts, a pretty smart cookie. So a Grammy win would be kind of cool.

(Later: I see that both Kelly and Kanye have won. Good news on both counts.)

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