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"Gilmore," "Veronica"

By admin Published: May 9, 2007

Some thoughts on Tuesday's telecasts, after the jump ...

Well, if there was any doubt that we'd finally get Luke and Lorelai together in a moment that will last -- since it's the final episode -- "Gilmore" seemed to remove almost all of it in the next-to-last show with (a) the promo for the finale showing a Luke/Lorelai embrace and (b) Rory's decision not to marry Logan. I suspect the show felt enough integrity not to end with two matched-up Gilmores, so Rory had to go it alone in order to give Lorelai a big romantic send-off. (I know. It was shot as a season finale instead of a series one. But it was also shot with the knowledge that it COULD be the series finale.) The bride, by the way, figures that Luke's going to ask Lorelai to take the now-without-April boat trip with him.

I confess to spending a certain amount of time during Tuesday's show considering ways that program could stay around, not least so we could have more time with the Stars Hollow and Yale gangs. To wit:

-- While Luke and Lorelai are on a trip, Richard and Emily agree to house-sit for them in Stars Hollow.

-- We jump ahead two years, and Paris, having breezed through med school, becomes Stars Hollow's resident physician. You see, her education was partly financed by a special Stars Hollow scholarship that -- unknown to her -- included a clause requiring her to serve the community.

Of course, it's like "Northern Exposure"! Hasn't "Gilmore" always been full of pop-culture references? This one is just a little more blatant.

-- The Kirk Show. I have no idea what the premise would be, except that Kirk would still be in town.

Anyway, for all my rambling, I concede that it is time for "Gilmore" to go. I just would like a reunion special every few years, OK?

As for "Veronica," an amusing episode but not a great one. Paul Rudd was obviously amusing, but the episode as a whole was not a delight. Veronica/Piz was awkward, Logan is back to being a big mope. Still, since I'm trying to keep shows going, if we can't have another season of "VM," how about a series focusing on Mac?

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