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Give Me a Good Game

By RD Heldenfels Published: September 13, 2005

Saturday's big project was putting up a storm door. Since we had never done it before, it took a lot longer than we hoped -- and about six hands total. But we got it done. I can show you every little thing that's wrong with it, but it's done. And the next time I have to put up a door -- which could be very soon -- I'll know a lot more than I did with this one.

Because of the door, I was very grateful that Ohio State played at night on Saturday. Not only did I get to see all of the game, I was doing it with a feeling of accomplishment. (You know. The door.) I was even more grateful because it was a good game.

I am not talking about outcome. I am talking about a game that went into the final minutes with one point separating two teams, with it still possible that either team could win. I am talking about a game that my wife and me playing TV announcers at home. One recurring theme: ''You can't rely on field goals.'' One after Texas got the go-ahead score: ''They may have left the Buckeyes too much time.'' Hindsight -- and the Zwick fumble -- make that sound excessively optimistic. But it made sense at the time.

Then you've got drama. Then you've got a reason to watch at a time when logic says you should be asleep.

For those reasons, the Browns game on Sunday was not a good game. This time, I had to watch more haphazardly because of some Sunday obligations, so there were large chunks heard on the radio before settling in with TV in the second half. The early part made it sound as if would be a very good game, with the Browns playing boldly and aggressively on offense. By the second half, that feeling was long gone, and by the fourth quarter Browns fans were exiting the stadium.

It made me wish I had another storm door waiting.

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