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"Glee" Notes

By admin Published: May 11, 2010

Do they know where they are going? Some comments after the jump.

I have had some concerns about "Glee" in recent weeks, that it was losing its sense of balance, that it wasn't quite the show that it started out to be. The Olivia Newton-John episode was especially disturbing because it was Too Sue both in terms of plot and music; the "Physical" video seemed to be way too close on the heels of the "Vogue" video not to be considered an extreme gimmick -- and a threat that the show was going ever more Fonzie where Sue was concerned.

So in some small respects tonight was a rebound, since it was not Sue-centric, while still employing her for a couple of scenes. (Even there, though, would Kurt really have chosen her as his confidante, no matter how deep his panic?) Mike O'Malley was once again on the money as Kurt's dad. And there was some good music, including Kurt's "Rose's Turn" and Puck's "The Lady Is a Tramp."

An aside: The great, late Lena Horne has a terrific "The Lady Is a Tramp."

A second aside: Watching Mark Salling perform that tune, I was reminded of a story -- which, I admit, my memory may be shaky about -- involving "L.A. Law" and Harry Hamlin. When People magazine proclaimed Hamlin the sexiest man alive in 1987, someone asked the women on "Law" their thoughts. And there was more than one declaration from the cast that, in fact, the sexiest man in their cast was Jimmy Smits. No matter how much "Glee" makes Finn the hero, Puck is the guy your eyes are drawn to.

Back from asides: I am rambling a bit here because, even if the episode rebounded in some ways, it was clumsy in others. The Rachel plotline was especially weak, falling back on the old "I cried because I had no shoes ..." resolution. The Kurt stuff wasn't all that well done, either, until the actors made it work in the later stages. It feels as if "Glee" right now is treading water until it gets to big end-of-season developments. And next week's episode looks like a marvelous stunt, with Neil Patrick Harris guest-starring and Joss Whedon directing.

So where am I on "Glee" right now? Basically, hoping that it's going through what most full-season shows do, which is having some off episodes scattered among the gems, and that it will recover soon. I just await recovery.

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