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Global Village, Different Neighborhoods

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 7, 2005

l woke up this morning to the news from London, seeing it first online, then checking on the TV coverage.

Although the cable news channels were all over the story, I expected more from broadcast news. Wall-to-wall reporting throughout the morning, say. Or at least coverage that wasn't interrupted by commercials.

The news was about a major terrorist attack, after all, and the casualty count has kept rising as the day has gone on. But since it wasn't a direct attack on the United States, it only intermittently interrupted regular programming. We still had Regis Philbin and ''The Price Is Right'' and ''Texas Justice.''

That shows that, as much as we talk about one world, we don't really mean it. In this case, the country involved was an English-speaking one. A longtime ally of the United States. A place whose history is entangled in our own. Also a place where Americans visit and work; I have a cousin who lives in London (and who, fortunately, is all right). But to the people who make television, this was still something happening too far away to get all that excited about -- unless, maybe, someone could find a runaway bride in it.

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