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Golden Globes Wave The White Flag

By admin Published: January 7, 2008

Because it appeared unlikely that any stars would cross the picket line for a Golden Globes awards ceremony, the ceremony per se has been dropped in favor of a news conference and maybe some companion programming.


Associated Press report here. New York Times story here. Nikki Finke's coverage here and throughout Deadline Hollywood Daily.

This is a big blow by the writers against the show-biz establishment. Coupled with the reformatting of the People's Choice Awards airing tomorrow night, it is an ominous development for the Oscars, since the strike will probably still be going then.

While the writers are drawing the line on issues that seriously affect their future, when does the halting of popular programming begin to create a backlash? What will be the reaction of a viewer who tunes in for alcohol-swilling celebrities dressed well but acting silly, and gets instead a Golden Globes press conference?

On Sunday, the bride and I were furniture shopping and the store operator wanted to talk about how long the strike was going to last. His family wanted "Grey's Anatomy" back with new episodes. (There is a new one on Thursday but I think that's it.) To be sure, the networks are trying to come up with the new or next to new, emptying the shelves of backup series or, as I mentioned earlier today, moving something like "Dexter" from cable to broadcast. But there could still be a point where sympathy for writers gives way to "hey, there's nothing good on."

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