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Golden (Yawn) Globes

By admin Published: December 13, 2007

You can find all the nominees here.

My friend Alan Sepinwall makes an interesting point about the Globes' TV nominees on his blog (as well as giving me props for the Chamber of Commerce theory of awards). But I'm going to focus on the movie noms here.

I know there's all that talk about the Globes as a barometer for Oscars, and I like some of the nominees. But the Globes still strike me as an award best known for letting potential winners drink before they get their prizes.

As barometers go, they're a weird one because they split so many movie categories between drama and comedy/musical, giving them twice as many chances to pick a winner as the Oscars have. (Or more than twice as many. There are seven nominees for best drama this year.)

And they are prone to the same inconsistencies seen in some other awards. Take "There Will Be Blood," nominated for best drama, and with Daniel Day-Lewis nominated as best actor in a drama, but shut out of the director and screenplay categories.

I know, the Globes build a funnel, since they don't split director and screenplay into drama and comedy/musical, but it still suggests that some movies were simply born, rather than being written and directed.

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