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Golf Sunday

By RD Heldenfels Published: August 27, 2006

About 15 minutes ago, CBS finally came on with coverage of the Bridgestone golf championship here in Akron. I'd be pretty excited to watch -- except CBS is running tape-delayed coverage from much earlier today (nor, at this point, does it have a graphic onscreen identifying this as taped coverage). Because of worries about the weather, which has included rain here and there, the final round started early at Akron, with even the marquee names on the course before CBS started its telecast. So I've been following the tournament a bit online, and even more via live coverage on XM radio's Channel 146.

Since I spend a lot of my weekends out and about, XM has become ever more of a blessing for following national sports; I listened to a bunch of last weekend's PGA on XM as well. But it's been even more valuable today because CBS served its other corporate commitments (like a tennis preview) before getting to the golf. And, if it was airing on cable somewhere else, I could not find it this morning. So XM's broadcast (which was also available online at kept me happy on the road. And now that I'm home, I'm sticking with XM. The end is sounding dramatic, and I don't want to miss it.

Oh, I may still watch some of the CBS telecast because I haven't had a chance to hear everything -- I missed a stretch where Tiger Woods rallied because I was doing the week's grocery shopping -- and because there are some shots I'd like to see as well as having heard. But I won't watch nearly as much TV as I might have if the network was giving me breaking news.

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