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Good Morning

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 6, 2005

Semi-busy day ahead. Several church commitments, grocery shopping, that sort of thing. I hope to file some TV notes later in the day, after I have had a chance to WATCH some television. Yesterday was pretty much overtaken by chores, shopping and a seeing my younger son in his high school's production of ''Dead Man Walking.''  Yes, you read that right.

Even my checking on the Buckeyes involved listening on the car radio. The only TV I remember was a few minutes of that ''Saturday Night Live'' commercials collection, and that was right before bed.

One thing has been rattling around in my head since Friday, though. How many times are we going to have to hear ''the Q'' before it sounds natural?

For those of you in other parts of the country (and pro basketball non-fans), ''the Q'' is the new, officially approved nickname for the arena where the Cleveland Cavaliers play. It used to be known as the Gund, which didn't exactly sing either, but at least it was a name I was used to. ''The Q'' -- derived from Quicken Loans Arena, the venue's new name -- just sounds odd, as if the team was now under the command of John de Lancie.

It was clear during Friday's telecast that the new name is going to be shoved into our ears until we're used to it; the announcers seemed to be dropping it at every opportunity. I hope the fans come up with a nickname of their own -- ''The Loaner,'' ''The 'Ick,'' ''The Gund And We Don't Care What Anyone Else Says.'' After all, I still think of the team as the Cavs no matter how hard they try to make me say 'Cavaliers,' and snicker whenever their uniform colors are referred to as 'wine and gold.' (What, 'purple' is declasse? Gallo may become a corporate sponsor?)

But eventually the media repetition will probably make "The Q" sound comfortable -- just in time for a new owner, and another name change.

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