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Good Morning, World

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 22, 2006

Friday turned into an almost civilized day by press tour standards. In the afternoon, I chatted with John Lithlgow (who lived in Akron for a couple of years in his youth) about his TV work, his recent stagecraft and the pronunciation of his name. (Most people make it like cow, but it's like go.)

I managed a decent walk to pick up some laundry -- realizing only after I had started walking that people hadn't been kidding about the temperature hitting triple digits. In the early evening, I had a good talk with John Madden, a little about going to NBC, more about going into the Hall of Fame. He is obviously moved by the experience, and moving when he talks about it. Then, dinner with a couple of colleagues, followed by a bit of work and even some TV-watching for pleasure.

In fact, I stayed up later than I should, watching more episodes of ''Life on Mars,'' about a modern-day police detective who finds himself back in 1973 -- but still a cop. BBC America starts airing it next week and, even though it has been edited for U.S. television, it's still entertaining.

I've also slid in some TV this morning, the British Open. The work day includes Keith Olbermann, NBC's football broadcast team, ''30 Rock,'' the Emmys (possibly a blood-letting given how unhappy many of us are about the nominations) and ''Friday Night Lights,'' which, as I've said, is my favorite pilot of the fall. And tonight holds NBC's party for its new and returning stars.

I expect to be posting a number of times over the weekend, about tour events and about some upcoming shows. So watch this space.

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