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Goodbye, "Gilmore"

By admin Published: May 16, 2007

Thoughts after the jump ...

Well, that was sure a season finale that looked like a series finale, wasn't it? Rory's off to the world, Lorelai and Luke are finally comfortably together. (Or so I choose to believe.) For allt he talk of ongoing negotiations, the show decided not to take any chances.

And, if we have to end, this is a pretty good place. Rory ends up writing for an online group, which makes more sense than her fixation on a "major daily." (I mean, does she not read Romenesko? Has she no clue about the newspaper business these days?) Lane has settled into marriage and motherhood, including a moment that, as she faced down her hubby, she was thoroughly doing Mrs. Kim. I liked that Richard choked up, and Emily's grumping about it; I liked Emily's face when Lorelai said the Friday dinners would go on.

I like that the dinners will go on.

And Luke sewing the tarp.

And Babette's ankles.

And Luke's sister still trying to scam him into babysitting.

And I will miss everyone like crazy, and still hope for a reunion show someday.

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