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Goodbye, "Girlfriends"?

By admin Published: February 13, 2008

Several reports that the CW comedy is done, including one here, although there are efforts afoot to at least get a series finale made.

It's a shame. "Girlfriends" was a solid comedy, well cast and well executed. There were a number of years when a great Monday comedy hour was "Everybody Loves Raymond" on CBS followed by "Girlfriends" on UPN (later CW). It was a show of some ambition, dealing with issues like the n-word in interesting ways. And, frankly, it had some of the most beautiful women in television.

The people making the show were also quite outspoken over the years about it being viewed only as a "black show" and not getting the credit that would have been accorded a show with its bite if it had been on a major network, with a white cast, and not surrounded by other comedies with mainly African-American casts. And they were right.

Even after a long run, praise for the show can feel backhanded, as in this line from an article in the Feb. 15 Entertainment Weekly about the successors to "Sex and the City":

"Girlfriends" became a favorite of African-American audiences not just because of its all-black cast, but also because its execution is so genuine and funny that you forget that the four-gal-pals angle is played out.

The show deserved better.

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