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Goodbye, Lucy

By admin Published: August 9, 2007

The House of Heldenfels has included three cats: Oliver, Sabrina and Lucy. On Wednesday morning, after a night in which it was clear that she was fading, Lucy passed away ...

I wasn't prepared for how emotional that was. I knew the bride, who had had Lucy years before we met, would be shaken. And my younger son, who was fond of all the cats. But I was the one who nicknamed Lucy WDC, for World's Dumbest Cat. I never stopped grumping about her gorging to the point that a little barf pile would soon follow, or her staring at a cracked-open door -- a crack large enough that Sabrina and Ollie would easily push their way through, while Lucy would wait until someone came to open it wider for her.

But I also knew, especially as we sat up through most of the night Tuesday, each of us talking some time to hold Lucy as she was clearly fading, that she was also the least demanding and most mellow of the three. She would perch next to you, silent, waiting for a prolonged scratch behind the ears. Her most insistent move was to shove her head into your arm, or to wave her paw at you, when the head-scratching stopped before it was ready. She was a sweet old thing.

And I loved her.

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