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Goodbye, "Veronica"

By admin Published: May 23, 2007

As the Byrds once sang, funny how a circle is a wheel.

And so, the series ends with Keith in disgrace and out of the sheriff's office, and with Veronica the object of peer-group derision and scandal. (Although, from what we've seen of Hearst and Neptune, I'd think that one incident of coed sex online is rather quickly succeeded by another example of sex online.) Plus Kane is back -- and don't I wish they had left Kyle Secor's name out of the opening credits, since that was a serious spoiler. Weevil has apparently returned to a life of crime. And Logan's just ready to be dead, with the only question being who will end up doing the killing.

It was a terrific way to wrap things up, getting back to the sadness that has always suffused "VM," saying that life goes on -- but in Neptune, it goes on very badly for the Mars clan.

Indeed, that's what would have made the Veronica-in-the-FBI plot line interesting, because it would have given her a fresh start. Hearst was a new deal of sorts, but so many people from her Neptune past were there, she never really had a chance at approaching people without her baggage coming into view. New work, new city .. lots of possibilities.

Alas, again.

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