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Googling With "Idol"

By admin Published: January 23, 2008

The professionals creeping into "American Idol" have turned the auditions into a good time to Google. As I mentioned in the "Wednesday Notebook" post below, reporters found plenty about a contestant on Tuesday's San Diego telecast. And tonight, from South Carolina, there was news to be had in a search for London Weidberg. ...

For example, this online note:

Recording engineer/composer Chris McLernon ... was tapped to record singer London Weidberg for a song that was included in the NBC show Vegas. Rather than have Weidberg come to his studio, Two Heads Music in Charleston, S.C., McLernon packed up his API Lunchbox—which includes a 3124 discrete 4-channel mic/line preamp and a 512C discrete mic/line preamp—and went to Weidberg.

It also appears she was involved in a couple of songs for "Palmetto Pointe."

Frankly, the Google searching got me through an episode that was otherwise not all that interesting. The baby business dragged, the contestants so-so. About midway through, I found myself contemplating the pictures of previous "Idol" winners on the posters behind the contestants and the judges, pondering whether the photos were placed so to make sure that some winners were seen more often than others. I don't have an answer -- partly because I was then distracted into Googling -- but it was a bad sign for the show that I was thinking about it at all.

And hey, usually I'm devoted to "Idol." But right now I have a bad case of the blahs.

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