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''Grey's Anatomy''

By RD Heldenfels Published: May 3, 2006

The bride and I finally got around to Sunday's ''Grey's'' on Tuesday night, squeezing it in between obligations, before focusing on ''American Idol.'' While there were plenty of things to like about the episode, the thing I've been thinking most about is Alex (Justin Chambers). He is such a -- well, I can't use the word I want to use here. But he is an awful human being. Not awful because he's misunderstood, or awful because he has inner pain. He's just awful. Although he might pretend that he ratted out Addison because of some principle, we know he did it just to get even with someone he didn't like.

That said, I thought the episode underplayed the potential trouble facing Addison, as if it had become inconvenient late in the telecast. Did like the way the show continues to give TV veterans interesting roles -- Jayne Brook as the divorce attorney, ''Yes, Dear's'' Jean Louisa Kelly as the mother wanting to stop getting pregnant. Loved the head twitches when Brook mentioned a bad marriage.

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