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"Grey's Anatomy"

By admin Published: May 18, 2007

A disappointing season finale, discussed after the jump ...

-- Am I the only one who doesn't buy for a minute that George would have failed his exam? Even with all the personal stuff going on, he has usually been a fairly focused guy -- and he had Callie's notes. That, combined with the wedding not happening, struck me as a way to mess with the audience, by taking two people involved in an off-camera controversy (T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington) and seeming to send their characters away in the finale. Considering both are tangled in other characters' lives, two departures feels very unlikely.

That said, Knight clearly still feels mistreated, based on this report about an upcoming interview in the Advocate. But it would be awful to have Callie continue with just vague references to George being, I don't know, gone back to school -- consigned to the same limbo as Sipowicz's second wife in the final years of "NYPD Blue.") Still, massive cast changes don't suit this show. This is not Moldavia. Or is it?

--Am I the only one who finds Izzie poisonous every time she steps onscreen? She's killing George as thoroughly as she killed Denny.

-- I loved the stuff with the Chief and his wife, if only because you had two solid actors getting everything they could out of the scenes. But I felt only irritation at the Chief remaining the Chief. It was something many fans anticipated long ago. And McDreamy's "you've learned from your mistakes" rationale was no justification for the Chief to keep the job, since he's keeping it just as he gets back with his wife, and the job kept him from her once before. (Of course, since the time line in the episode was a little confusing, it seemed the Chief made the job decision before he got his wife back. So next season, he can decide to step down to be with her more, creating a whole 'nother round of candidate searching. Wouldn't be the first time the show rewalked emotional ground.)

-- Cristina had just lost me by this point, becoming such a wimp that I kept waiting for her to come back -- to know herself rather than have to use Meredith as herself. The eyebrows, ideally, would have been the last straw. Instead, they became eyebrows as a metaphor for her willing-to-please approach to Burke. An approach, by the way, that didn't work. Still, as hard as Sandra Oh tried to make Cristina's Burke's-gone hysteria convincing, it only made sense in the context of that pre-wedding rollover, which played more like a plot device than something from the Cristina we know.

(I will pause at this point to admit that I am way overthinking the finale, especially considering how erratic "Grey's" has been of late. I should acknowledge that Shonda Rhimes is, as I think I've said before, the new David E. Kelley, and if I take the ride, I have to take all the faults that come with it. But since there was a point when I really liked "Grey's," I don't want to settle for the way the ride has been going.)

-- What else? Oh, just the general load of misery. Besides the Chief, was any regular character allowed some contentment? Even if Burke got to a heartfelt point in his vows rehearsal, someone could have suggested that he get to the point a lot quicker. And the busted wedding on "Bones" was better than the one on "Grey's."

I'm going to have some open spots in my viewing calendar next fall, since "Veronica Mars" and "Jericho" are among the canceled. But with some intriguing new shows announced, I'm wondering if I should clear another hour by giving up on "Grey's." I'm probably too invested to quit at the beginning of the season; still, I'll likely have the show on double secret probation.

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