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"Grey's Anatomy," A Little "Earl"

By admin Published: February 1, 2007

Notes about the wonders of Kate Burton, after the jump ...

An ultimately satisfying episode of "Grey's." Oh, I was a little put off by the sprints-to-save-the-patient scene; medically valid or not, it felt odd. And, while I still expect payback to McSteamy for refusing to join the tag team, I would have thought it might have come in tonight's episode -- and, with all the talk about this three-episode arc coming, have to suspect the question of the chief's successor is going to be put on hold for a bit. Wouldn't even be surprised if it was saved for the end of the season. Nor did the free-clinic stuff play all that well.

On the other hand, George and Callie worked out nicely, especially when he matter-of-factly stood by his woman at the end. The Cristina-Burke resolution made me smile.

And the stuff with Ellis Grey was terrific. Kate Burton, who plays Ellis, knew how when to go over the top and when to pull back -- how to play the love, the rage, the wisdom and, in the end, the loss. Plus she had great playmates in Sandra Oh and in Cleveland's own James Pickens Jr. When you replay the episode on your DVR, look at the Chief's face as he allows Ellis her fantasy of what their life might have been -- every detail of it painful for him to contemplate, every episode necessary for her to go peacefully back into her void. Top-shelf work all around.

Also caught up with "My Name Is Earl." Pretty funny -- and that Randy twist at the end was so in keeping with Randy, and still so very creepy. Favorite lines:

"Northern Lights. Maui Wowie. Mendocino Greeno. Carolina Sugarbud. Government medicinal -- it's not bad for legal weed."

"We won that war 18 to 12? That was a close one."

"Just once. It was before CDs. Don't you judge me!"

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