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"Grey's Anatomy": Back on Track?

By admin Published: October 18, 2007

For the first time in ages, tonight's "Grey's Anatomy" felt like the show at its best. ...

Of course, for me a significant part of that had to do with Callie getting her fire back. I've been very unhappy with the formerly strong woman being turned into a wimp by her marriage and by the poisonous machinations of Izzie. So their faceoff tonight was good on two counts: Callie was the old Callie, and the show acknowledged what a destructive, horrible force Izzie is. I can only hope that, considering Kerev's slipping back into her life, the return of Ava next week will bring some world-class pain to Izzie.

I mean, I would really like it if she were gone completely, but I'll settle for some week-to-week punishment.

More good signs: Cristina not backing away from calling Lexie "3"; the McDreamy love speech at the end, which at least sounded like the old, romance-seeking Derek, and the touching stuff with the Chief's niece (and Camille Winbush was fine taking over the role of the niece). The dialogue about what great interns Crisitina, Meredith, et al., had been.

Bad stuff: The dying niece was felt manipulative when it was used as a way to keep distance between the Chief and his wife. The ancient intern, though given a full measure of performance by Edward Herrmann, isn't all that interesting as a character. Lexie's mouthing off to Cristina, especially as huffily as it was played. But overall, it was step above some other things we've seen lately.

I also finished watching Wednesday's "Private Practice." Liked some of it at first, but the more I think about it, the less appealing it is. Oh, some things didn't work from the start; a show of hands from everyone who immediately realized that kid was gay. And I am sick to death of Violet not getting over her ex-husband, which just seems all the more immature by the week -- especially since she's already supposed to have worked her way through this with the bicycle story.

But I didn't hate it.

A note, by the way, on field conditions: I watched most of the episode from my DVR but had to catch the last five minutes in the online version. I'm not sure if the episode ran long and the listings didn't reflect it, or if something just went funny in the DVR. Anyone else have a problem? Regardless of the glitch, though, isn't it great to have these fail-safe devices for catching up on shows?

I suppose I should note that Boston is now beating Cleveland, 4-1. This is annoying on so many levels, including my having pre-written a list of reasons for Indians fans to hate Colorado. But this game isn't over, the series isn't over. And. I. Remain. Serene.

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