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"Grey's Anatomy" Spin-Off Pilot

By admin Published: May 3, 2007

First impression, with the show in progress: There's always been a strain of David E. Kelley in Shonda Rhimes's work. In the Addison story, it's unrestrained. And I don't like it. Too much forced comedy, for one thing; did not believe for a second that Addison would say what she did in the elevator early in the episode.

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OK, we're more than three-fourths done, and I am really struggling to keep up. A large part of this has to do with my longing for the old Addison -- the smart, tough, able, sexy woman who came storming into the show to get Derek back. I know that they have softened her as the show has gone along, but the spin-off is the final turning of her into Addy McBeal.

Which may explain why Kate Walsh is so alarmingly thin -- so matchstick arms-and-legs thin, so she-talks-about-the-beach-but-we-don't-dare-put-her-in-a-swimsuit thin. In sum, Calista Flockhart thin.

Maybe I should update that reference. Teri Hatcher thin.

Thing is, I still care about the real "Grey's" portions of the episode. Of course, I've been living with those characters a lot longer. Although, even there, I'm sick of Izzie's poisonous attachment to George, and Derek/Meredith melodrama. The death of Meredith's stepmother was way over-telegraphed (especially by the promos with her father smacking her).

Getting back to the spin-off, I don't think I want to move in with this new crowd -- although I suspect there will be enough crossover episodes once it's picked up that I will have to check in.

Who among us did not believe there was a rational explanation for the talking elevator? (And how stupid was it that the security watcher didn't just explain herself?)

Also, Piz has a much better role on "Veronica Mars."

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