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''Grey's Anatomy'': That Was Better

By RD Heldenfels Published: April 2, 2006

After my crankiness about ''West Wing,'' after waiting through an Indians-White Sox rain delay (still going at this writing), ''Grey's Anatomy'' was a nice way to wrap up the evening. (''Sopranos,'' ''Big Love'' and ''Huff'' fans, please realize that I had already seen each show's episode airing tonight, so there weren't on my viewing lineup. You can read what I thought of ''Huff'' in a post below.)

Good, funny business between the Chief and Cristina. Given how much I hate Meredith (still), I took some pleasure in the punishing description of how her father felt about his other two daughters -- and was a little disappointed that he was given a redemptive moment later in the show. Love O'Malley's new girlfriend. (Sara Ramirez is the actress. Tony Award winner for ''Spamalot.'' By far the hottest woman on ''Grey's.'')

Love Cristina and Burke, although I did suspect he was playing Cristina about Madonna -- implicitly telling her to settle down, they were supposed to be having fun.

Not sure about O'Malley's tribute to Meredith. Even less sure about the hormonal Bailey getting sentimental; at least, she's sentimental AND smart, knowing that the kid in surgery had other things to talk about than girls and sports. Didn't like Alex's getting to be right about his brutal honesty (although if any actress could sell a change of heart like that, Laurie Metcalf is the one). If any of the interns has to hit the road, he's still my pick. Well, after Meredith.

Still, overall, a strong reminder of the things I like about ''Grey's.''

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