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"Grey's Anatomy": The Wheels on the Bus ...

By admin Published: November 13, 2008


... have fallen off again. More comments about tonight's episode, after the jump.

I had this idea for a post I never got around to finishing, looking at last week's "Grey's" and "CSI" and even, in a limited way, at "The Office" and the way each dealt with love, longing and loss. And last week's "Grey's" was very good in most respects. The one in which it was not was also the one that had people talking: the departure of Dr. Hahn (Brooke Smith) at episode's end.

In what was otherwise a sure-handed piece of work, the Hahn departure felt hasty and shoehorned, an attempt to move Hahn out as quickly as possible, when the show under other circumstances might have drawn out Hahn's unhappiness over Izzie's heart theft and the collapse of Hahn's relationship with Callie. But it was rushed, and so be it. The show could then go back to being as good as it was in other parts of last week's show.

Only it most decidedly did not get back to being good. What it got back to, was being stupid. The new heart surgeon. The hottie intern who's also an old friend of Meredith. The way-overextended interns-practicing story. The haunting of Izzie. Callie's breakdown in the OR. The show was stacked with good character actors, including Ed Lauter and August Schellenberg, and Mary McDonnell can do good work, but overall the episode was a mess that recalled "Grey's" at its worst.

Now, it could just be that this is a week for off episodes, since "Friday Night Lights" also had a relatively weak offering. (More about that in another post.) And I don't forget Dick Wolf's contention that any given series over the course of a season is about one-third good, one-third bad and one-third in-between, so "Grey's" may just have been due for a bad one. But this bad? Eek. Maybe there is karmic payback for Hahn's ouster.

What about you other "Grey's" watchers? Agree? Disagree?

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