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"Grey's Anatomy" Tonight

By admin Published: October 4, 2007

Indians win, 12-3 and Kenny Lofton is player of the game. And of the year, considering the boost he has given the Indians and Indians fans this year. The TBS announcers have gone scurrying, since the Cubs-D'backs game is already going, so let's scurry as well -- to talking a little "Grey's." ...

Always glad to watch the grande dame Diahann Carroll, pictured, and didn't mind a bit her little smackdown on Meredith.

Diahann Carroll

Always glad as well to see sturdy Ben Vereen, quite capable of making lemonade no matter what he's handed (even a peripheral part of a crystal-meth-lab story).

And I was marginally more interested in this episode than last week's. Bailey venting on Kerev was pretty good, for one thing. And Cristina with the wedding presents.

But I hate the George-Izzie thing even more. I hate especially the way they're making fine, tough Callie suffer; the Callie we first knew would not have accepted such humiliation, from either George or the Chief. She's being Addisoned. And that whole don't-speak thing was just a way to drag out her, and our, suffering.

Derek-Meredith, meanwhile, just makes me tired. There's nothing interesting left in this relationship, and wrapping it up in metaphors of addiction doesn't make it any more meaningful or powerful. It just drags, as does "Grey's" overall.

"This is not the 'Grey's' we fell in love with," the bride said during tonight's show. Indeed. It's more like a bad marriage -- a George O'Malley marriage, if you will -- where no one is trying very hard to make it work, and everything they try just makes it seem all the more useless.

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