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''Grey's'' Blues

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 19, 2006

The bride and I had a double feature of ''Grey's Anatomy'' tonight, finally catching the episode from a week ago, followed by tonight's. Regular readers here know I've been pretty obsessive about the show. But right now I'm not feeling the love for it much.

I'll make my peace with the Izzie thing. I still don't think she should be back in that hospital, and that her psychotic episode about Denny should not remotely be reduced to ''a mistake.'' But it's been painfully clear that the show is determined to put her back in the middle of things, so I'll try to move on -- as annoying as that freakin' check is. (Speaking of which: Given the pink ribbon and other paraphernalia around the check on the refrigerator, shouldn't it be obvious what Izzie should give the money to?)

So, things I liked tonight. Uh, well. I liked that McSteamy's charms diminish whenever he gets verbal, that both Addison and Callie took him to bed but preferred that he not talk. I like the way James Pickens Jr. adds to the sense that the Chief is the only sane person currently working in the hospital. Burke broods well, although it feels as if he gets through entire episodes on four or five words; but the speech to Izzie was, well, fine.

Anything else? Probably not. Things I didn't like: Yet another attempt to justify McDreamy's being judgmental about Addison and McSteamy, thoroughly unconvincing. The M&M session. The check. Bailey going soft. Bailey's takedown of the nasty doctor being less than satisfying. Alex going soft. O'Malley's general idiocy about Callie. The bed-hopping. Stoned Meredith. The entangled couple -- way too David E. Kelley, which gets to why the show is annoying me.

It's getting too showy, and the characters don't feel consistent; I don't mean I want them to act the same way all the time, I mean that I want to feel as if their behavior is consistent with how I understand them overall. Too often they're being moved around for the sake of a story line. The show used to be better than that.

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