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By admin Published: July 12, 2007

LOVED it. ...

And that's at the end of a string of trips to Cleveland ("Harry Potter" Monday, "Talk to Me" Wednesday, "Hairspray" tonight), with tonight including a panic-inducing crawl through construction and heavy traffic tonight, which got me to the movie closer to showtime than I like, and seeing it from a seat in front of two girls who seemed to sing along with every tune and consider every passage of dialogue as a reason for dialogue of their own...

But it was still nice to see it in the Palace in Cleveland, which lives up to its name, massive and big-screened in a way that made me feel like a kid at the movies again. They said there were 800 people at the screening, and the place swallowed them all up with room to spare.

As for the movie, although I'll say this at greater length when I actually review it, "Hairspray" was still bouncy, cheery, lively and enjoyable. And I say that as someone who is very fond of the original movie, and cannot entirely suppress a longing for "Madison Time" and other songs that made the original "Hairspray" a movie with music, now transformed into a movie musical.

One slow spot, one overdone one. But I'll see it again.

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