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By RD Heldenfels Published: February 5, 2006

Pizza break. Much chatter from the gang-of-four commentators, but the best thing was the shot of Holmgren jawing with the officials. Clarifies a little more the situation right after the half, when ABC tried to interview Holmgren -- and got an answer that didn't match the question.

''Addicted to 'Lost' '' promo. I'm guilty. The bride concurs.

Stones. Good blend of football/Stones footage over the years. The tongue. Ah, memories. Saw them in '75 and '78. Erratic sound. Are they bleeping him? Yes they are! The last word in the ''dead man'' line in ''Start Me Up'' is obviously missing.

The band still rocks, and even brings a new urgency to ''Satisfaction.'' I suspect that if I was in Detroit, at the performance, I would have loved it. On TV, not so much,

Is it only 8:22? Feels much, much later. I don't usually watch football games as closely as I have been watching this one, and it stretches the time.

A good move by the producers: Giving Steve Young a microphone to hold. Reduces the wild gestures.

I understand the corporate synergy between ABC and Disney, but haven't we had enough of the ''Going to Disney World'' commercial? Let's see the crime-prevention cellphone ad again instead.

The bride is snarling at the reference to the Super Bowl as ''the biggest game in the world.'' The Olympics are coming up, she says. I might also mention the World Cup; does anyone from there go to Disney World?

More clarification of the Holmgren comments at the end of the half. I'm still confused. Of course, the Seattle offense was, too,

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