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Happy Almost New Year -- Unless You Love MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central ...

By admin Published: December 31, 2008


I have tried to live by Leon Russell's maxim of "slipping into Christmas, sliding into New Year's Eve." No such luck. This morning has been spent compiling information about the latest examples of media companies playing "where's the money," both in the MTV Networks/Time Warner Cable flap, which is of major import in these parts, and the local WOIO/Wadsworth Cable situation regarding retransmission. Story online here. (UPDATE: Wadsworth has gotten an extension that will keep WOIO and WUAB on it until at least Jan. 12.) Barring an announcement earlier in the evening, I will go directly from watching the ball drop to seeing if there have been channels dropped, too.

By the way, a Time Warner rep tells me that the phone number MTVN is using in its crawl for complaining about TW goes to the company's Road Runner operations. And my attempts to get through have been greeted by a nonstop busy signal.

It has been interesting to see commenters over on saying that folks could switch to AT&T U-verse. Nice idea, if you can get U-verse. But that's a money issue, too. AT&T's rollout pattern here appears to favor higher-income neighborhoods, and I don't live in one of those.

In today's Beacon Journal I have an overview of 2008, somewhat heavily focused on Northeast Ohio, but with a few notes about things I loved on the national scene. Of course, with a piece like this, things come to mind after I wrote which I somehow overlooked. I did manage to go back and squeeze in the dinner-party episode of "The Office" and the "Midnight Train to Georgia" segment on "30 Rock." But I should also have made room for Holly Hunter's performance on "Saving Grace," and Jon Hamm's hosting of "Saturday Night Live." (Jon Hamm's john ham, still a priceless bit of nonsense.)

I did have one of those gotta-love-modern-media moments last night. Catching up with the previous season of "Lost" on the main TV. (Episodes of the new season are now available for preview, and I expect to get to it over the weekend.) Cavs game via Slingbox on my laptop. Paperback book to read when things got slow. All available while stretched on the big couch. If only the Cavs hadn't lost. ...

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