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Happy Memorial Day (Expanded)

By Rich Heldenfels Published: May 27, 2013

I mentioned the need to honor our military members who have sacrificed in my Sunday post, but it does not hurt to say so again.

On other notes, in today's Beacon Journal and online here is an interview with McKenzie Jackson, currently seen on the Golf Channel's "Big Break Mexico."

ADDENDUM: Tonight marks the return of "Longmire" for a second season on A&E. The good first season ended on a dark note; the second season begins the same way. Walt is still dealing with the past; his deputy is still running against him for sheriff (and has the funding for TV ads), and an old crime has come back to haunt him -- literally, as his thoughts while chasing a dangerous criminal are made visible conversations with people from his life. I am curious about where this all will go next, but miss some of the more straightforward detection-with-politics of the first season.

I have not yet dipped into "Arrested Development's" return. Sunday was spent in church and then mainly on the road for a family visit. This morning included breakfast out, then some yard work sprucing up an area for flower planting. The planting is now in a rain delay.  UPDATE: We decided to work through the drizzle to get things done. And done they now are/

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