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Happy Monday...

By RD Heldenfels Published: April 10, 2006

I've been meaning to post for a couple of days but things kept filling the time -- yard work (the lawn mower has made its first run of the season!), cleaning a shed, helping the bride clean the house, wrestling with the rusted bolts on a toilet, grocery shopping, church and other things I can't remember. Oh, yeah, sleep.

Sunday morning, for example, I got through two thirds of the ''Gospel of Judas'' special with an eye toward posting about it before the premiere. Never made it through the other third. I recorded ''Veronica Mars'' on Saturday, but still haven't watched it.

I am hoping that, before tonight is over, I'll have posted some thoughts about last night's ''Sopranos'' and possibly ''Veronica,'' which I very much want to see. And may have a few thoughts about last week's ''Gilmore Girls,'' where Rory defined passive-aggressive.

Later this week: Some thoughts on ''Commander in Chief'' for the print/online Beacon Journal as well as for this blog.

Also, with spring beginning to make a commitment, I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts about watching TV outdoors, particularly in terms of (a) tiny screens and (b) how to deal with bright sunlight.

And thank you to everyone who is downloading the ''American Idol'' podcasts with me and Amy Carlson Gustafson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Good to know you're listening. We'll be on the case tomorrow night.

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